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Photo by: Unknown

Frank Wootton
The late Frank Wootton can be credited with giving aviation art a bold new direction, transforming the genre from illustration to fine art.  A gifted young artist when WWII broke out, Wootton volunteered for the Royal Air Force, but was invited by the commander-in-chief of the Allied Air Forces to accept a special duty commission as official war artist to the R.A.F. and Royal Canadian Air Force.

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On the night of 17 August, 1943, and on into the morning of the eighteenth, 597 four-engine bombers of the Royal Air Force roared across the moonlit skies along the Baltic Coast. Swept by spotlights, raked by anti-aircraft
fire and harrassed by German fighters, the British Bomber Command formation concentrated on the target below.

Peenemunde was the location where the notorious V-1 and V-2 rockets and their launcing rails were under development to rain terror from the skies on England in general and on London in particular.

Frank Wooton, official artist of the R. A. F., portrays one plane's bombing run on the launch sites early on the morning of August 18th.

(Counter signed by seven Royal Air Force crewmen )


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