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Don Stivers
More than any other contemporary military artist, Don Stivers' popularity has grown on both a national and international scale at an unprecedented rate. Don Stivers has created works of art spanning everything from illustrating book jackets to the opening of the American West, but most recently is best known for his prolific production of paintings whose theme is the American Civil War.

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All Work and No Play
s/n (Z x Z) $215.00


Chase at Rattlesnake Springs
s/n (17 1/2 x 25) $425.00


Duty Calls
s/n (22 1/2 x 13 1/2) $1450.00


Silent Tribute
s/n (17 x 23) $195.00

Supporting Victory
s/n 500 (18 1/2 x 23) $395.00

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