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John Seerey-Lester
Now a resident of Florida's west coast, Seerey-Lester is a native of Great Britain.  He was educated in art at Salford Technical College in Lancashire, England, and worked in the fields of advertising and publishing before becoming a professional artist.  Working predominately in oils, Seerey-Lester paints East African and North American wildlife subjects.  

'John Seerey-Lester' Additions In Stock


Monsoon - White Tiger
s/n (Z x Z) $365.00



Mountain Cradle Gorilla
s/n 2,000 (28 3/4 x 19) $95.00

Night of 1000 Eyes
s/n 1,250 (29 x 19) $200.00


Night Specter
s/n 1,250 (30 x 20) $185.00


Return to Yellowstone
s/n 750 (22 x 33) $250.00



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