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G. Harvey
Artist G. Harvey grew up in the rugged hills north of San Antonio, Texas from where herds of longhorn cattle were once driven up dusty trails to the Kansas railheads. His grandfather was a trail boss at 18 and helped create an American legend. So the American West is not only the artist's inspiration but his birthright.

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Hope for the Confederacy
s/n 12,500 (19 1/2 x 26) $475.00


Jackson's Winter Campaign
s/n 12, 500 (27 x 19 1/2) $195.00

Lee and Longstreet
s/n 2,500 (21 x 28) $375.00



Pickets Report
s/n 1,800 (20 x 28) $775.00


Wall Street, New York
s/n 4,378 (30 x 20) $1250.00

Wind River Range
s/n 1,250 (17 x 34) $275.00


New York, New York
s/n 350 GC CNVS (40 x 30) $1750.00
Sale Price $1,495.00





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