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Nancy Glazier
Always knowing she wanted to be an artist, Nancy Glazier's grandmother
presented her with her first set of oil paints when she was eight. Her
delighted father sold her first painting when she was twelve. Her family moved to Wyoming when she was sixteen. Glazier was introduced to Cody Museum muralist, Adolph Spohr, who singled her out for private instruction.

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Farewell To Fall II
s/n 295 (20 x 30 - Canvas) $395.00


Lucky Number
s/n 1,200 (18 x 36) $195.00

The Painted Desert
s/n 1,200 (17 x 34) $195.00



Snow King
s/n 1,200 (20 1/4 x 31 1/2) $395.00


Welcome the Dawn
s/n 1,200 (18 x 36) $455.00




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