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Mario Fernandez
Mario Fernandez was born in Havana, Cuba on February 25, 1946 and was imprisoned - for political dissent- by the Castro regime at the age of sixteen. In 1965 Mario found new freedom in the United States of America and started to develop his successful career. The work of Fernandez is destined to become a true American classic. His works continue to appreciate in value and in the hearts of those who have made this unique and gentle man a part of their lives.

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Courtship Flip Plate & Prints

Courtship Flight is a limited edition retired plate by Mario Fernandez (1985). Editions were limited to 2,500 plates each worldwide. This pattern has been retired and will not be renewed. Plate is full color with no fading.
13" in diameter and filagree is Platinum. Original box is provided with three prints. This plate is an extraordinary piece and has appreciated in value each year. The original issue price was $250.

Mario's fame is often illustrated through his representation of eagles. "The Courtship Flight" for example, was "Painting of the Year" in 1987. Mario states: "Over the past few years I have been fortunate to have created a number of paintings and sculptures featuring the American Bald Eagle. These paintings were not only faithful portrayals of this magnificent bird, but an expression of my deep respect and admiration for the nation that it represents. They are an expression of my personal gratitude for the Freedom that our national symbol has come to characterize both throughout the world and in my own life."


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